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A Synopsis Of Significant Digital Media Findings In 2020 .

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PostWysany: 04-Sie-2021 19:20:45    Temat postu: A Synopsis Of Significant Digital Media Findings In 2020 . Odpowiedz z cytatem

The coronavirus crises has significantly raised the level of news consumption in mainstream media across all countries we conducted surveys before and after the pandemic. The proportion of people who rely on television news as their main source of news has increased significantly as more people identify it as their main source of news. This brief respite is welcomed after a prolonged time of declining. The decline in printed newspapers is expected to speed up the transition towards all-digital news. In many countries, however, social and online media use has significantly increased. WhatsApp experienced the greatest growth, with an increase by ten percent or more in certain nations. Over half (51%) of those surveyed used any type of open or closed online group to connect, share information or take part in an online support system for local residents.

The trust in media coverage about COVID-19 was very high across all countries at the time of April of 2020. It was comparable to that of national governments, and much higher than that of politicians on their own. The trust in media was nearly twice the amount for social networks, video platforms, or messaging services when it came to COVID-19 information. From our larger dataset we taken in January, Global fears about misinformation persist. Even before the coronavirus crisis began, more than half of our global survey respondents expressed concerns about what's true or not on the internet with regards to information. The US political system is the most frequently cited source for inaccurate information, although in certain nations - like the United States - people who identify themselves as conservatives are more likely to blame the media. in a pick-your-side

Facebook is thought to be the most effective platform for disseminating false information almost everywhere but WhatsApp is seen as more accountable in certain regions of the Global South such as Brazil and Malaysia.

A poll conducted in January in all countries showed that only four out of ten respondents (38 percent) trusted most news most of the time. It's four percentage points lower than the 2019 survey. The news they read is regarded as trustworthy by less than half of the people surveyed (46%) Particularly, public broadcasters that are losing support from left and right-leaning political partisans seem to be threatened by growing political conflict. Even so, our study indicates that the majority (60%) are still averse to news that has no particular opinion and that only a small minority (28%) prefer news that shares or confirms their beliefs. The preference for partisans has slightly increased in the United States since we last asked this question in 2013, however, even in this country, a quiet majority seems to be looking for news that at least tries to be objective.

News media are more likely to publish false claims from politicians as they adjust to changing communication methods (52%) The public is less comfortable watching political ads on search engines and social networks than they are with television. Most people (58 percent) would prefer that platforms to stop ads that make false statements. In a variety of markets, we've seen substantial increases in the payment for online news. These include the United States (20%) and Norway (42 percent (+8). Also, we saw smaller increases in some other markets. It is crucial to remember that news on the internet is available for free to most people across all countries. Certain publishers might have reported a 'coronavirus increase.

The uniqueness and quality of the content is what subscribers consider the most crucial. Subscribers think they're getting higher quality information. However, most people are happy with the data they obtain for free. Also, we observe an extremely high percentage of non-subscribers (40 percent in America and 50 percent in the UK) who say that nothing can persuade their to pay. Countries with more payment rates (e.g. the USA and Norway) between one third and half of all subscriptions go to just a few big national brands - suggesting that the winner-takes-all-the-time dynamic is still in place. These countries have a significant percentage of people who have multiple subscriptions and add a specialist publication or local newspaper. For radio Unirea Romanian commercial radio station. Its format that's 60 percent news from various areas and 40% music. In their current programme range the principal elements that attract the audience of those over 30 years old are covered: news programming from the county, special talks and shows. People who are interested in news, contests and interviews however, they are also attracted to cultural shows, debates, entertainment, music.

In most countries, local newspapers and their websites are the primary source of news on the region or town in question with a readership of four out of ten (44%) each week. We have found that Facebook and other social networks are utilized by about a third of the population (31 percent), for local news and information. This further puts pressure on businesses and their business model. The spread of news is expanding. Nearly half (28%) of all countries prefer to read news via an app or website. Generation Z, those between the ages of 18 and 24, prefer to access news through Twitter and Facebook. Instagram news use has increased by more than a quarter in every age group. This trend is expected to continue throughout the coming year.

To combat the growing trend of multi-platform publishing, publishers are seeking to connect directly with customers through mobile alerts or email. In the United States sees nearly one fifth of Americans checking their news emails every week (21 percent) and more than half of those access it as their primary source of information. Northern European nations have had a longer time to adopt email news channels. Only 10% use Finnish email news. Although the use of podcasts has grown in the past year, coronavirus lockdowns might have temporarily reversed this trend. More than 50 percent of people surveyed across all countries believe podcasts are more instructive and understandable than other forms of media. Additionally, Spotify has become the most popular source for podcasts in many countries, surpassing Apple's podcast app.

In the overall picture, nearly seven out of ten (69%) consider climate change an urgent issue, but in the United States, Sweden, and Australia the majority of people disagree with this. These people of older age tend to be more right-leaning. Younger groups are able to access a lot of their climate information via social media and also by following activists like Greta Thunberg. Amazon Echo and Google Home are two examples of smart devices that continue to gain popularity. Their use for any purpose has grown by 14 percent to 19 percent (UK) and 7% to 12 percent in Germany as well as 9 to 13% in South Korea. But, news consumption remains in the low range across all markets.
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